The full TSL Platform will create single market directional systems, pairs, portfolios and hedging systems with integrated options. Trading systems with evolved money management and asset allocation schemes are available as well (see demos). Consulting projects are being accepted generating custom solutions for hedge funds, managed account programs and individual traders.


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TSL Lite is priced at $9999.00 USD and may be ordered by contacting TSL directly. After the Lite License is signed and funds wired, TSL will provide the software and all licensing and passwords for TSL Lite. Tech Support is included.

Note no tech support is provided for the Free TSL Lite Trial.

The Following applies to the Full TSL Professional Platform:

Free Licenses

A free license may be obtained by a developer by referring a full price license client to TSL. A free license will be granted to the developer and will be maintained at no cost provided the full price licensed client keeps his or her license current. This is done under the conditions that the developer will assist the client in his work with TSL. TSL will still provide training to both the developer and the client.

Shared Licenses

Up to three individuals may share the license cost. Thus the price per person is lowered to $6667 per year with a three year initial commitment($20,000) required paid in full per person. The three individuals will need to access a shared PC since in this scenario only one USB AES Key and only one platform password will be issued. Each individual will need to apply for the TSL license individually. We recogonize that most clients want their own license and are uncomfortable with sharing their TSL work with others.

Note that additional full licenses are only 1/3 the cost. For example, say three individuals want their own license and KEY. The cost per license per person then equates to $925.93 per month with the full three years paid in full up front required by each individual. Again, the full three year commitment must be paid in full up front. This multiple license option for small groups is the lowest cost option available for TSL.

Standard License

The standard TSL license price is $20,000 per year with a three year initial commitment paid in full required up front. Thus the initial upfront cost is $60,000. After three years, the price reverts to $20,000 per year. All Trading Strategy code is Open Code. Training and setup is included in the license cost.

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All licenses include 2-3 months of support at no cost to allow for installation and training.There are no free trials, demos, code, software, systems or consulting provided.